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Mitel: For Those Who Want It All

Founded in 1972, Mitel is the name associated with the modern phone system. For those who appreciate the utmost attention to detail and quality, Mitel is the brand of choice.

Mitel: The Mercedes of Phone Systems


Mitel is far and away the sleekest, most groundbreaking option available in terms of phone systems. Operating in over 90 countries, Mitel is the biggest and best phone system on the market. If you're looking for a flawless, advanced operating system that has every available feature for the utmost convenience, look no further.


As a Certified Mitel Dealer and Installer, Clearcom is your best option for a high-end Mitel system. For only a minimal upgrade cost from an ESI phone system, you can enjoy a vast difference in both features and user capacity. Care to compare? Contact Clearcom for a free quote, or click below to view some of Mitel's offerings:

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