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Family-owned and operated since 2001

To say that Clearcom came from humble beginnings would be an understatement.


Bryan Heickman was working as a manager for a local telecom company for almost two decades when he realized that his employers had become so single-minded at expanding that they had completely lost sight of their most precious asset: the customer.


Bryan set out on his own and founded Clearcom Telecommunications. 

Clearcom began as a spare office room in Bryan's own home. With only one company truck and a laptop, Bryan gradually built a soild customer base over many years to expand Clearcom into a major player in the Telecom Industry. Bryan had the foresight to conclude that this industry had an undiscovered niche: rather than just going after a quick sell, focus on keeping prices down and quality at the highest possible standard. It is this business model that has grown Clearcom almost entirely from word-of-mouth.


While we maintain a customer base of several hundred clients, many have made the switch to Clearcom and maintained a professional friendship for the entire lifespan of our company. We at Clearcom have done our best to maintain that small town familiarity here in San Antonio since 2001. With your help, our family-owned company will continue to endure for years to come.


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